Pearlie White OralPicks Slim Case With Mirror - 110pcs


ทำความสะอาดซอกฟัน ขจัดเศษอาหารและคราบพลัคระหว่างซอกฟัน ดีไซน์ด้ามจับถนัดมือ




Unique oral pick design
Effectively removes food particles and plaque trapped in between teeth. One end of pick features a slim blade like shape that effectively removes food/plaque stuck between teeth. The other end of pick comes with a flexible neck that helps to remove food/plaque trapped in the back and hard-to-reach areas of mouth.
Splinter-proof plastic
Made of polyethylene plastic that doesn't splinter like traditional wooden picks.
Smart containers
Comes with two refillable containers. A compact one that holds 20 picks and that you can bring everywhere with you in your pocket and that has a mirror that flips out from the side of the container. A larger one that holds 90 picks and that you can leave at home.
Animal Friendly
Not tested on animals and does not contain ingredients of animal origin.

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